Friday, April 17, 2009

Today is the last day of our two week vacation :(

Laurimar Glen Farmstay is where we are at the moment. It is such a beautiful place. There are horses, pigs, deer, llamas and alpacas.

They are so friendly.

This place is great if you want to do nothing or if you want to get down and dirty with farm chores.

It is our second time here and we just love it cos there is something for the whole family. The kids get to spend their days outdoors instead of in front of the t.v. or computer, hubby gets to enjoy the outdoors and mum gets to go into town and look at all the pretty little craft shops! :)

I have bought some fabric for my vintage venture and i bought a stack of craft books from the "op" shop and in one of them they have this beautiful quilted table piece, so off i went to find a quilt store and guess what? I bought myself a stack of charm squares.

The lady of this farm has an enormous collection of things, she has turned one of the rooms into a small muesum. She asked me if i collected anything, and i don't really, except for a tin collection i seemed to have gathered a few years back.

So i decided that i am going to start a collection of something to do with my craft!


I went to a cute little shop here where the artist paints and makes fine bone china, and amongst her items was a thimble. So I just had to buy one! And so my Thimble collection begins!

I also bought "Better homes & gardens" where they have the most awesom throw, made from both knitting and crochet flowers. They use cream for the knitted part and then a green and purple for the flowers. It is supposed to represent olives and grapes.

I am going to attempt this at some point it is too gorgeous not to.

As much as i have enjoyed being at the farm, i am ready to get home and sewing again. Can't wait to get these "glorious" vintage patterns made.

Now all i have to do is get my sister to made some divine jewellery to go with my vintage collection!

Stay tuned for photos.