Sunday, May 31, 2009

My daughter wanted me to add this photo, can you guess why??

Because she is in it of course!!

Some photos for you to see!!!

The top photos are from "Glorious Vintage" obviously I am making the third picture (well, I hope it's obvious! lol) and the bottom photos are from "Eva Dress". Now these are not finished of course, but i thought it would be cool to show them to you in bits.
Hope you like.

About time i load some photos don't ya think??

I am soooooo excited, I have started as you know a top from "Glorious Vintage" patterns, but decided i didn't like the texture of the material, so my darling sis and i went to Spotlight and bought some amazing material.

Also in my classes I have been making an evening gown from "Eva Dress" patterns. It is absolutely devine. I love it!!!

I have loaded some photos to show you my progress so far. (Not the best photographer I'm afraid, but at least you get to see what i've been up to).

I have noticed that my blog is being read around the world, that is so exciting, but please feel free to leave comments, it's always great to get some feedback.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I had sewing class today!

I have started my first vintage piece from "Glorious Vintage". It's a square necked topped, had a bit of trouble with the neckline, I had the right idea, but just cut the wrong part. Oops!

Thankfully my teacher set me straight and now i have a beautiful neckline, just the way it's supposed to be.

Mother's Day is on Sunday and of course i haven't bought my mummy anything. So I have decided to make her an apron. I know she has been wanting one for a while, (don't know why really, cos she already has about three), but that's what she reckons she wants, so that's what the woman's gonna get!

Last week i cut out the pattern for one of my vintage dresses, can't wait to these clothes made, I'm so excited.

Be sure to check out this is where i bought most of my patterns from. I have to get the camera out and take photos.