Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wow, it's been a while!

Went back to sewing class today. New term, new outfit to be made! I have decided, (or rather the teacher has decided) on a two piece outfit this time round. I haven't got the material yet, so today i just did bits and pieces. Finished off the legs of my pants, added straps to a dress, that sort of thing.

The two tops and pants just have some hand sewing now and then they will be totally complete. I still want to re-do the hook and eyes from my evening gown.

I will have to post a copy of the new outfit i will be making. It's a top and skirt, and i will be using Shantang. Can't wait actually, i really like the look of this outfit.

Wow, it's been a while!

Went back to sewing class today. New term, new outfit to be made!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is so very exciting!

I was on the phone today to Janet, now you may ask "Who's Janet", well, I'm going to tell you!

Janet and Eric are a lovely couple that own the most beautiful farm in Kyneton. They have a beautiful homestead and a huge farm filled with the most friendliest animals ranging from horses, pigs, cows, and sheep and my favourite - the llamas!

We have stayed there a few times now and it is just so relaxing, you can do as much or as little as you want.

So, what has this got to do with vintage you may ask, and why am i so excited?? Well, it's actually got nothing to do with vintage but i am so excited and really touched because as i said earlier, I was on the phone to Janet today and she was asking me if i had seen their website, which i knew they were in the middle of getting it up and running, so i logged onto the site and low and behold but whose faces do i see in the guests section?? Moi and my family. How excitment!

Here is the link, make sure you check it out, and if you ever come to Melbourne for a holiday, be sure to go and say g'day to Janet and Eric!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Your little Girl, Your Princess, Your Angel!

I have got to stop surfing the net! I keep finding all these awesome sites. I'm beginning to really love Etsy.

I have found this new shop just for little girls! This lady makes hair accessories. No, that should say simply gorgeous hair accessories.

I have added her site to my links so you have to check it out!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Isn't this romantic

I know this has nothing to do with my vintage stuff, but i just had to show this to you.

It's called "Heart, Spirit, Love" and it is a collection of handmade things that are for sale on Etsy.

This piece was chosen by my sister. Members on the site can make lists like this one, and then if it gets enough clicks it may make it to the front page.

How cool is this? Check it out by clicking on the link.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Glorious Vintage!!

Yay, my first top is now complete! I'm sooooo excited.

Tomorrow i will have the evening dress completed as well, and during the rest of the week i am to complete my second top and also the pair of pants i purchased from "Glorious Vintage".

If you haven't checked out her site yet, please do, she has got an enormous range of clothes and patterns.

There is also a flickr section of her photos.

I have decided that Spotlight just has to be the best store in the world, apart from Bunnings, I must admit that I love that store as well!

When class starts up again i will be making a stunning suit made of a top and skirt, another Glorious Vintage pattern.

I will take a photo later and show you all.

Ciao for now.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My venture into quilting.

I have never attempted quilting before, but have always had these grand ideas about making an heirloom quilt using photos in the squares.

Getting back to reality though, i bought some country crafts books while we were in Kyneton and there is a quilt in it that you would put on your dining table.

I have decided i am going to make it. While we were in Kyneton i visited the quilt store and bought some "vintage" inspired charm squares.

Last night i decided to finally get my butt into gear and attempt to make the quilt, how hard can it be right??

So i am cutting out my little triangles and realise i don't actually have enough charm squares for the size of the quilt, so it's either going to be a smaller version or it's another trip to Kyneton!!

Me thinks Kyneton's looking like a good option!!! lol

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blogs! Blogs! Blogs!

Wow, I have just finished reading

What an interesting blog! I love the way she showcases other peoples work, and the photos are really clear.

Great news about her being published in the Moda Mag! That must be so exciting.

If you haven't checked out her blog yet, what are you waiting for?? Her jewellery designs are simply exquisite!

So, whats on for me today? Housework! YUK YUK YUK!

Maybe I can skip that and just SEW SEW SEW!!! (Yes, I like this much better! lol).

Sunday, May 31, 2009

My daughter wanted me to add this photo, can you guess why??

Because she is in it of course!!

Some photos for you to see!!!

The top photos are from "Glorious Vintage" obviously I am making the third picture (well, I hope it's obvious! lol) and the bottom photos are from "Eva Dress". Now these are not finished of course, but i thought it would be cool to show them to you in bits.
Hope you like.

About time i load some photos don't ya think??

I am soooooo excited, I have started as you know a top from "Glorious Vintage" patterns, but decided i didn't like the texture of the material, so my darling sis and i went to Spotlight and bought some amazing material.

Also in my classes I have been making an evening gown from "Eva Dress" patterns. It is absolutely devine. I love it!!!

I have loaded some photos to show you my progress so far. (Not the best photographer I'm afraid, but at least you get to see what i've been up to).

I have noticed that my blog is being read around the world, that is so exciting, but please feel free to leave comments, it's always great to get some feedback.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I had sewing class today!

I have started my first vintage piece from "Glorious Vintage". It's a square necked topped, had a bit of trouble with the neckline, I had the right idea, but just cut the wrong part. Oops!

Thankfully my teacher set me straight and now i have a beautiful neckline, just the way it's supposed to be.

Mother's Day is on Sunday and of course i haven't bought my mummy anything. So I have decided to make her an apron. I know she has been wanting one for a while, (don't know why really, cos she already has about three), but that's what she reckons she wants, so that's what the woman's gonna get!

Last week i cut out the pattern for one of my vintage dresses, can't wait to these clothes made, I'm so excited.

Be sure to check out this is where i bought most of my patterns from. I have to get the camera out and take photos.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Today is the last day of our two week vacation :(

Laurimar Glen Farmstay is where we are at the moment. It is such a beautiful place. There are horses, pigs, deer, llamas and alpacas.

They are so friendly.

This place is great if you want to do nothing or if you want to get down and dirty with farm chores.

It is our second time here and we just love it cos there is something for the whole family. The kids get to spend their days outdoors instead of in front of the t.v. or computer, hubby gets to enjoy the outdoors and mum gets to go into town and look at all the pretty little craft shops! :)

I have bought some fabric for my vintage venture and i bought a stack of craft books from the "op" shop and in one of them they have this beautiful quilted table piece, so off i went to find a quilt store and guess what? I bought myself a stack of charm squares.

The lady of this farm has an enormous collection of things, she has turned one of the rooms into a small muesum. She asked me if i collected anything, and i don't really, except for a tin collection i seemed to have gathered a few years back.

So i decided that i am going to start a collection of something to do with my craft!


I went to a cute little shop here where the artist paints and makes fine bone china, and amongst her items was a thimble. So I just had to buy one! And so my Thimble collection begins!

I also bought "Better homes & gardens" where they have the most awesom throw, made from both knitting and crochet flowers. They use cream for the knitted part and then a green and purple for the flowers. It is supposed to represent olives and grapes.

I am going to attempt this at some point it is too gorgeous not to.

As much as i have enjoyed being at the farm, i am ready to get home and sewing again. Can't wait to get these "glorious" vintage patterns made.

Now all i have to do is get my sister to made some divine jewellery to go with my vintage collection!

Stay tuned for photos.

Friday, March 27, 2009

My title says "Inspired by Vintage" so

I better start talking about my "vintage adventures" hey!

So I now have all the vintage pattens I bought, both from

I will add photos later, but i have started to make the top as it is the most simple one apart from the pants.

I am using a beautiful green linen and on measuring the size difference we were able to work out that in those days I would have been a size 14!

I have hit a snag with the neck interfacing, will have to play around a bit more, or will end up having to unpick and start that again.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bought a clutch bag pattern of Etsy

I have finally downloaded the pattern yesterday, 27 pages!

I started making the bag, the instructions are really easy to understand and she has put photos with each set of instructions.

It's really funny because the pattern i chose has the same material as what my sister bought me. You know the two pieces that i took a photo of, one is sort of candy striped and the other looks floral.

Anyways, I'm hoping to finish it today, i just need to go and buy some fusable fleece and various clasps.

I will post a photo once finished.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A dress in a weekend

I decided to make a simple dress out of one of the freebie fabrics i got. The pattern was very simple, three pieces to the pattern, no buttons, zips or hook & eyes! Easy right???

Da Daaa! I made it to a size 10, which is what i make everything for myself in, and the stupid thing didn't fit!


So I unpicked a bit off one side seam and added a zip thinking this would help, (remember I'm a beginner!) it went on sort of easy enough, but then i couldn't get the damn thing off again.

Hmm, oh well, another outfit for my sister!

I did manage to go to Lincraft today and buy some absolutely to die for material. I am going to make the dress I made for my sister, (the blue one that I have posted a photo of) but using this material, and it's going to be for me!!!

I will have to take a photo, it's just so beautiful.

I'm still waiting for the bag pattern i bought from Etsy. I sent the seller an email today. Can't wait to get stuck into that, using the material that my sister bought me.

I have finally got my blog looking kind of decent now, thanks to Cindy from she told me about the site called

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gotta love fabric freebies!

I made a little bag today to go with the blue dress for my sister, I went to her house to give her some money and she had that whole outfit on, jewellery and all. It looked amazing on her. She decided to put a brooch on the flap of the bag and it just looks so awesome. She is going to take a photo on Saturday before the wedding and then i will post it on here.

Anyways, getting back to fabric freebies, at class today, the teacher had a whole bag of fabric donated and she said we can just go through it and pick out what we want. So i now have four new pieces of fabric to add to my stash!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm so excited

My first two patterns arrived in the mail today. They are from the 1930's. Simply gorgeous dresses.

Can't wait to go fabric shopping!

I'm still playing around with my logo. I found this logo making site you can download the free trial version. Great, so I did this, designed the logo i wanted then couldn't do anything else with it as it was only the trial version! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

So i put my thinking caps on, and took a photo of it then uploaded the photo! Yes, I can be a clever chickadee!

So what do you think? I'm thinking of using this when i open my Etsy Store.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is the pattern, and the skirt i will be making is the longer one. I was thinking a nice cord material, but it doesn't state that on the pattern, so i will have to ask the experts at Spotlight.

It's a rainy day today!

Ah what to do on such a day????

Sewing of course!

I actually had a plan for today but the weather has kinda taken that control out of my hands, at least for the morning anyway.

I was going to take my kids to the local festival this morning, then take my daughter to see "Play School Live" this afternoon then do some catch up sewing.

The heavens decided to open up this morning, so the fesitval is out, but Play School is indoors so that's still a go ahead.

Sewing, I was going to finish off bit and pieces and i probably still will, but i found an old pattern that i had bought centuries ago and never used, the pattern is a vogue one and is for winter pants and skirts.

So I have decided to make the long skirt as i was reading the instructions and i think i can probably get it down from start to finish in about 2 hours. (If my daughter doesn't interupt me every five minutes of course).

I will post a photo of the pattern for you to see.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Sewing Corner

Ok, so as i don't have an actual craft room i have decided to take over the lounge room, and create my own little space.

What's in a bag?

Ok, so i have decided to definately make a bag out of the material my sister has bought. She has emailed me some links to patterns on the Etsy site and they look really nice, hopefully they will be easy to make.

I have been looking at blogs on the "big list of sewing and craft blog" site I have added some of my fav. ones to my list. They seem so professional looking, i love the way the photos are so crisp and clean.

I am playing around with my blog, trying to find the right fit i guess! I know the top picture isn't a vintage one, but at least its about fashion! If anyone wants to let me know how to get a great looking blog please feel free to let me know!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here are some photos

The top photo is of some material that my sister bought me off, I'm not sure what i will make yet, I'm thinking maybe a bag.
The second photos is of a dress i just finished today, except i have to re-do the hem. It is for my sister, she is going to a wedding in April. She tried the dress on today, with the ear rings she will wear, she has even had her hair cut. It looks awesome.
The last dress is one i made for myself. This wasn't so easy to make, the neck line isn't something i would want to do again in a hurry, and the sleeves had me thinking there for a while, but i think the final product looks good, don't you?
I even managed to make a head bandy thing to go with it. I look like someone out of the sixties wearing it.

Finished my sister's dress

Well I thought this was going to be harder than it actually was. I'm pretty pleased with the look of it. I will have to get her to try it on and take some photos to upload on here.

She bought me some material from and it arrived today. It is absolutely gorgeous, again i will have to get my act together and start using my camera.

I noticed on some other blogs a site called flickr, so i'm going to investigate this a bit more.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trying to get a cool logo

I am realising more and more each day how computer illiterate i really am!

Surely it can't be that hard to get a logo up and running. Ho Hum!

My patterns have been paid for so now i just have to sit patiently (yeah, right, anyone who knows me, knows that ain't gonna happen) and wait for the mail.

Today i am stuck doing boring housework, Samantha is at kindy, Sean is at school, and I am being a semi domestic goddess!

Ciao for now.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Inspired by Vintage

This blog is going to be about my new passion!


I love it, I love it, I love it. Oh, did I mention I love it!

I originally decided to start sewing lessons so that i could make clothes for my four year old daughter, but a friend of mine gave me five bags of clothes to last her till she is ten years old, so i started sewing for my sister. It was getting towards christmas last year and i decided to make her a dress, a skirt, a top and a pair of pants. She was amazed at Christmas time and absolutely loved everything i made.

Then I made myself a dress and then my sister decided that i should be her personal dressmaker and asked me to make her a dress for an upcoming wedding she was going to.

I never knew how much i was going to love sewing, I really regret not learning it properly at school now, cos i just think of all this time I have wasted. I could have been making and designing my own label by now and be a millionaire living in Europe!

Ok, back to reality!

I have decided it is never to late to start a dream so i will be making clothes from yesteryear. Clothes from the 1930's, 40's, 50's and 60's.

I have been looking online for original patterns from those years and my sister found some blogging sites that are awesome.

As my birthday is coming up this month i have managed to con my sister and parents into shouting me some patterns to get me started. They are coming from the USA so i can't wait to receive them.

This blog will mainly be about my trials and tribulations with this new venture, i will add photos, and fav blogs and sometimes i may even ramble on about the fascinating day i've had with my kids, like today for instance we took my daughter to the beach, and she just had a ball running along the sand at the edge of the water, letting her feet get wet and squealing with enjoyment. We collected shells, walked along the pier, we even managed to see a massive stingray!

I can not believe i didn't think to take my camera.

Oh, did i mention I plan to open a shop on so stay tuned, the story continues.....