Saturday, March 21, 2009

A dress in a weekend

I decided to make a simple dress out of one of the freebie fabrics i got. The pattern was very simple, three pieces to the pattern, no buttons, zips or hook & eyes! Easy right???

Da Daaa! I made it to a size 10, which is what i make everything for myself in, and the stupid thing didn't fit!


So I unpicked a bit off one side seam and added a zip thinking this would help, (remember I'm a beginner!) it went on sort of easy enough, but then i couldn't get the damn thing off again.

Hmm, oh well, another outfit for my sister!

I did manage to go to Lincraft today and buy some absolutely to die for material. I am going to make the dress I made for my sister, (the blue one that I have posted a photo of) but using this material, and it's going to be for me!!!

I will have to take a photo, it's just so beautiful.

I'm still waiting for the bag pattern i bought from Etsy. I sent the seller an email today. Can't wait to get stuck into that, using the material that my sister bought me.

I have finally got my blog looking kind of decent now, thanks to Cindy from she told me about the site called

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  1. "Hmm, oh well, another outfit for my sister!"

    I'll put that voodoo doll away now :)