Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here are some photos

The top photo is of some material that my sister bought me off, I'm not sure what i will make yet, I'm thinking maybe a bag.
The second photos is of a dress i just finished today, except i have to re-do the hem. It is for my sister, she is going to a wedding in April. She tried the dress on today, with the ear rings she will wear, she has even had her hair cut. It looks awesome.
The last dress is one i made for myself. This wasn't so easy to make, the neck line isn't something i would want to do again in a hurry, and the sleeves had me thinking there for a while, but i think the final product looks good, don't you?
I even managed to make a head bandy thing to go with it. I look like someone out of the sixties wearing it.

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